BoomerangTag | The Indestructible

Is it waterproof?

Yes absolutely!

Will they last outside?

Absolutely! If applied correctly, they can endure the elements for at least 2 years.

Can you write on them?

Yes you can with a permanent marker, BUT we suggest keeping them clear of writing so BoomerangTag does all the talking for you…

Do you offer free samples?

Not at the moment but from just 30p a sticker on bulk orders it’s not expensive to try and stay tuned on our socials for giveaways!

BoomerangTag | The Iron-On

When should I use The Iron-On instead of The Indestructible?

These are perfect for all your favourite clothing garments, whether it’s a nice jacket or jumper, or cosy socks, we want to make sure the tag fits seamlessly to your best belongings. For very uneven surfaces check the scan after applying or consider The Indestructible.

How do I peel it off before application?

Easy! Just peel it off their pages like a normal sticker, place onto your fabric and iron away using the parchment paper.

Where should I store it?

Keep BoomerangTag safe and sound in a cool, shady spot and why not tuck them back into their trusty orange envelope for extra protection?

Are they permanent?

You bet your favourite t-shirt they are! Once they're on, they're with you for the long haul. Wash after wash, they'll keep their soft feel and orange colour, ensuring they pop for potential finders if you misplace it. If an edge of the Tag does lift for whatever reason you can simply iron it back down.

Can I find someone to do the ironing on for me?

Absolutely! Head down to your local dry cleaner, they will be more than happy to help you. Take the instructions just in case, but they are experts at this.


I forgot my Boomerang Community password, what now?

Just tap reset password and you will receive an email with instructions to reset it.

Do I need an app to use Boomerang?

No, we don’t have an app and therefore no need to download yet another one, we’re all about the old school web browser, for now!

Just register your tagged items on community.theboomerangtag.com.

Make sure you're not in private mode or you'll have to log in each time you register a new item, which might get tedious.

Do BoomerangTag track me?

Nope! Absolutely no tracking here. We just provide the way for people to reach out if you lose your item, want to list it for sale or rehome it to someone else.

Do Boomerang have any subscription fees, or future fees?

Nope! Absolutely no future costs. 30p or less covers the Tag, all features provided, including any future listing marketplace listing fees.

Does Boomerang collect any data on me?

We collect the bare minimum personal information so you can get your loved items back. An email address, name and you are good to go. We do not collect any data to sell or provide consumer insight. To track our mission, across the whole of Community we do count how many times items have been saved, so we know how many items we’ve saved together.

Does Boomerang require WiFi or bluetooth to work?

Nope! Which means your phone battery will last as long as normal. Your phone can even scan codes to get links with no cellular signal, though you will need cellular signal to view the Boomerang page.

If someone scans my BoomerangTag do they get all my info?

Nope! Only the info you provide whenever you add a note. See our How it works page for more details on note leaving.

Can I bulk claim, or do I claim each Tag separately?

Once registered, it becomes super quick to scan and claim each Tag. We do ask for each Tag to be claimed individually so the product it is on is named. This is so should you lose the item, you know which product you have lost and can adjust your note accordingly!

Shipping and returns

How much does shipping cost?

Completely free, no matter where you are. Though for the international space station we may need to come back to you!

How long will BoomerangTag take to arrive?

UK: aim 3 business days, Europe: aim 5 business days, Worldwide: aim 7 business days

Where is BoomerangTag shipped?

Worldwide, we’ve got you covered!