Our vision

Nametags are outdated and often don't do the job they're supposed to; return your stuff.

So we've made a new one, BoomerangTag.

You can stick it on pretty much everything.

It's the same price of the nametags of old too and offers a much higher chance of getting your lost stuff back.

The Boomerang Community acts as a way to rehome your belongings once you want to share them with someone else, or if you've just had enough of them.

You can list tagged items for free and pass them onto a community that will love them hopefully as much as you did.

All of this we hope will reduce the global impact of lost property in the UK and eventually the world.

The UK population collectively misplaces around 7.9 billion items a year and waste 110 days of their lives looking for lost items.

That's a lot of stuff and a lot of time to waste.

There's an impact on our precious environment every time we lose something.

It means we have to buy another one and the lost thing might not get disposed of properly.

We hope to play a part in reducing that impact, creating a more circular economy.

We see a future where every relevant product has a BoomerangTag on and where we actively play a part in reducing the giant pile of global lost property.

Our first mission is to save 100,000 items and this is just the start.