Our role in sustainability

Boomerang is here to solve global lost property, limiting waste and enabling slow fashion.

When clothing has a BoomerangTag on, we like to call it super slow fashion.

In 2000, 50 billion new garments were made; nearly 20 years later, that figure doubled.

During this time the lifespan of garments shrank, with many items discarded after only 7 to 10 wears.

We're on a mission to to reduce these shocking numbers and dramatically increase the lifespan of items.

BoomerangTag can be applied to all kinds of items and The Boomerang Community enables easy retrieving and rehoming when things are lost or you want to pass them on.

We hope this will help stop waste in lost property bins and supports positive reselling behaviours.

We believe selling amongst communities has the power to encourage a more sustainable circular economy.

Our first mission is to save 100,000 items. Thanks for being part of our journey.